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Inside Automation: Pausing the Automation
Inside Automation: Pausing the Automation
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What is Pausing an Automation?

Pausing an automation is a feature in that allows you to temporarily stop the execution of tasks within a specific automation.

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Why Pause an Automation?

  • Resource Management: Pausing helps free up resources allocated to the sender profile - aka task limits, signalling the internal task planner to reassign resources to other Automations and auto tasks.

  • Problem Prevention: If there are issues with your account, pausing can prevent further complications - if there is a large number of 'cancelled' or 'failed' tasks statuses. Please refer to this article for troubleshooting.

  • Personal Availability: Useful when you're unavailable and unable to monitor contact responses, ensuring no opportunities are missed or mishandled.

How to Pause an Automation:

  1. Pausing the Entire Automation:

    • Navigate to the main automation page.

    • Select the desired automation.

    • Click on the toggle next to the automation's status. This action will pause the entire automation - you can also do that by opening the Automation and disabling the toggle on top of the screen.

  2. Pausing for Individual Contacts:

    • By default the Automation will be paused for a Contact when the Contact replies

What Happens When You Pause an Automation?

  • Task Suspension: All active tasks within the automation will be paused.

Task Planning and Resource Redistribution:

  • operates on a planned task basis, meaning tasks are scheduled one week in advance.

  • When an automation is paused, all unspent limits for the day are recalculated. Resources allocated to the paused automation are redirected to other automations or automatic tasks.

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