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Automation: Task Statuses
Automation: Task Statuses
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There are two types of statuses: Task and Contact statuses - sometimes they interconnect but not always. In this article we are discussing only the Task statuses.

What is a status?

A status indicates what criteria for the task is met and at what stage its execution is on.

How are the statuses acquired?

  • In progress - here are all of your active tasks, either queued or being executed as we speak.

  • Closed - the task has been completed. If the action is 'Like Post' and there's no post available to like, the status will be 'Closed'; if the post was already liked, it won't be unliked, instead, the status will be 'Closed'

  • Delegated:

    • the task has been forwarded to the server to be completed and right now is waiting for the server response whether or not it's been done

    • in the Automation if you got a reply to your message, the task acquires the status 'Delegated' and you need to manually choose to continue the Automation or stop it

  • Pause - if you pause the Automation

  • Canceled:

    • for all the tasks that you manually cancel (through CRM's Contact's profile)

    • you deleted the Sender Profile from the Automation that was connected to the task

    • you deleted the node for the task

    • you manually canceled a Task or Automation for this Contact through their Profile

    • you removed the Contact from the Automation through Mass Actions

    • you archived the Automation the contact was enrolled into and the Tasks weren't being executed at that time

    • you deleted the Sender Profile altogether

    • in the Automation you deleted the Sender Profile the Contact was assigned to

  • Skipped - for all the tasks that couldn't be executed because the conditions aren't met:

    • couldn't withdraw a connection request because the connection request wasn't sent

    • couldn't send a Connection Request, because the Contact and the Sender Profile are already connected

    • couldn't Endorse Skills because the Contact and the Sender Profile aren't connected

  • Failed:

    • you archived the Automation the Contact was enrolled into and the Tasks were in the middle of execution at that time

    • no Sender Profile was chosen

    • Unknown error on LinkedIn side

    • LinkedIn bug

    • Contact did not have a LinkedIn ID, the link is broken. It often happens when you import old Contact databases

    • Contact didn't have an email, so the Email couldn't be sent

    • Daily user sending limit exceeded - occurs when the email limit on Gmail domain is reached. And after multiple attempts to send an email with the reached limit, the connection with your Email account will be severed.

    • Contact is not connected on LinkedIn to send a message, meaning the Contact ended up on the Send Message node before it went to Send Connection request. Might happen because of an error with the Automation structure. Try setting up a check whether you are connected to the Contact first.

    • 404 error: the Contact added you to blacklist, the Contact got banned on LinkedIn, the Contact's profile link changed

    • the Automation node got deleted while the tasks were being executed

  • Bounced - this status is for emails, signals that the email didn't come through. Because the email would be proven invalid, the entry of it will be deleted from the Contact's Profile.


The Task Statuses are created for the transparency and ease of monitoring. You can track what tasks are at what stage, for which Contacts, and act on this information.

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