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Sender Profile: Task Limits
Sender Profile: Task Limits
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What is the Task Limits?

Task limits in are a feature within the sender profile configuration. They allow you to manage the activity of each individual sender profile, with specific limits on LinkedIn and email activities.

Why Set Task Limits?

At GetSales, we prioritize service, security, and dependability. Task limits are designed to safeguard your accounts and optimize outreach efforts, ensuring they are as effective and safe as possible.

How to Set Up Task Limits:

  1. Accessing Sender Profile Settings:

    • Go to the Sender Profile page and select the relevant sender profile from the left menu.

  2. Choosing Communication Channel:

    • At the top of the screen, choose the communication channel (LinkedIn or Email) you want to set limits for.

  3. Adjusting Limits:

    • Use the slider to set limits on various activities like LinkedIn connections, messages, profile visits and more. Email and LinkedIn limits are located in different tabs.

    • Set the wait time between task execution:

      • between different tasks execution - from above the limit sliders - in seconds

      • between execution of similar tasks - from the right of the task limits names - in minutes

*On the limits page you can also access information about the tasks left for the day.

If you are looking for guidelines in the limits, for a warmed-up accounts we recommend 30-40 emails/day and 20-40 connection requests on LinkedIn/day and 100-200 connections/week. For new accounts we recommend starting on maximum of 20 email/day and 15 connections/day.

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