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Sender Profile: Statuses
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What is Sender Profile Status?

  • The Sender Profile status is a small badge that shows if your connected Email and LinkedIn Profile are working correctly.

  • You can find it by going to Sender Profiles, selecting a profile, and then clicking on the LinkedIn or Email tabs.

Why is it Important?

  • These statuses help you monitor if your emails and LinkedIn accounts are functioning properly.

  • This is crucial for ensuring that automations and auto-tasks run smoothly.

Spotting Issues

If there's a problem with a Sender Profile's connected accounts, you'll see a red dot next to its icon in the menu. That's the main indicator of an issue.

LinkedIn Statuses:

  • Active Status - This means your LinkedIn is connected

  • Inactive - if your LinkedIn Profile got disconnected, you'll be asked to log in again, and an error message will explain why. Common reasons include:

    • Being logged out of LinkedIn

    • Incorrect email or password

    • Your LinkedIn account being restricted

    • An expired or incorrect verification code

Email Status:

  • Two Active Statuses: One for SMTP (sending emails) and one for IMAP (receiving emails).

  • Error Handling: If there's an email issue, an error message will appear, and you'll need to reconnect your Email.


  • Separate Entities: Email and LinkedIn are treated separately in a Sender Profile.

  • Automation with Both Channels: If you're using both email and LinkedIn in an automation and one gets disconnected, the automation will continue with the channel that's still working. For example, if the email stops working, LinkedIn activities will carry on - if the tasks are scheduled in parallel (their execution doesn't depend on the execution of the other channel's tasks)

  • Single Channel Automation: If the automation uses only one channel (either LinkedIn or email) and the channel used encounters an error, the automation will pause until the issue is resolved.

Important considerations

Disconnection the LinkedIn or Email is not the same as Deleting the Sender Profile (and automatically disconnecting both channels).

When Disconnected (manually or because of an error), you can reconnect the Email and/or LinkedIn and re-start your Automations. If you delete your Sender Profile, all the tasks in progress will fail and you will have to restart them manually - redo the whole process of setting up tasks/Automation.

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