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Sender Profile - Overview
Sender Profile - Overview
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What is a Sender Profile?

A Sender Profile in acts as your virtual SDR, integrating both email and LinkedIn accounts for outreach purposes.

Why are Sender Profiles Important?

  • Essential for Automated Outreach: To automate your outreach effectively, having a LinkedIn and/or email account connected to the GetSales platform is crucial. Without this connection, there's no way to automatically send emails or LinkedIn messages to your contacts.

How Do Sender Profiles Function?

  • Remote Operation of Accounts: Sender profiles enable the remote management of your LinkedIn or email accounts, making them a comprehensive solution for outreach.

  • Limits and Automation: Automated outreach operates within the limits you set for email and LinkedIn activities in the sender profile settings.

  • Utilizing Profile Information: Details from your sender profile, such as name, surname, position, etc., can be incorporated into messages using variables.

  • Account Linking Restrictions:

    • Each sender profile can be linked to only one LinkedIn account and one email account.

    • These linked accounts cannot be duplicated across multiple sender profiles within the GetSales platform.

  • Task Assignment: Each sender profile has an associated task assignee, meaning all tasks linked to that sender profile are assigned to a specific team member.

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