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Sender Profiles: Danger Zone
Sender Profiles: Danger Zone
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What is the Danger Zone?

The Danger Zone is a specifically designated area in the Sender Profile settings of It provides the functionality to either deactivate or completely delete a Sender Profile.

Importance of the Danger Zone:

Automation is a key feature of, reliant on Sender Profiles linked with LinkedIn Accounts or Emails. The Danger Zone is the place where you can disconnect all Accounts from your Sender Profile or delete the Sender Profile altogether. Considering the weight of those actions and to prevent misclicks we highlighted those options in the Danger Zone.

Alternatives - Deactivation

Instead of deactivating a whole Sender Profile, you have the option to disconnect the LinkedIn Account or Email individually. All the tasks will be paused for the channel you disconnected (LinkedIn or Email).

Functionality of the Danger Zone

Disabling a Sender Profile:

  • When disabled, the Sender Profile's name appears dimmed in the list.

  • The profile remains in the messenger, and its interaction history is preserved.

  • While disabled, you cannot execute actions from this profile, and all tasks and Automations are paused. However, they will resume once the profile is reactivated.

  • You can cancel the Tasks for the Sender Profile manually, if you don't want them hanging in mid-air (there're literally no cons for them to be in that state).

  • Disabling a profile disconnects your LinkedIn and Email Accounts, pausing all tasks and Automations. To reconnect LinkedIn or Email, the profile must be enabled first.

Deleting a Sender Profile:

  • Deletion frees the server assigned to the profile and cancels all tasks and Automations linked to it.

  • The profile is removed from the list and messenger, but the interaction history is retained in the Contact's profile.

  • A deleted account cannot be restored, and any tasks or Automations must be recreated.

  • Reconnecting the same LinkedIn Account later will sync all activities, including messages sent and received while disconnected from

Note on Reconnection:

Reconnecting a disabled Sender Profile might temporarily show duplicated activities in a Contact's Profile. This is a front-end issue, and these activities are not executed twice. Efforts are underway to correct this display error.

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