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Automation Builder: Sender Profile
Automation Builder: Sender Profile
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What is the Sender Profile Node?

The Sender Profile node is a key component in automations, positioned right after the Segment node. It allows you to assign specific sender profiles to the contacts within a particular segment.

Why is the Sender Profile Node Important?

Sender profiles are fundamental to any automation's outreach capability. They are a basic requirement for initiating the automation process.

How to Add a Sender Profile to an Automation:

  1. Selecting an Automation:

    • Navigate to the automation you wish to modify.

  2. Adding the Sender Profile Node:

    • After the Segment node, locate the Sender Profile node, usually found directly below.

    • Click on the Sender Profile node, and a sliding window with settings will open from the right.

    • In this window, you can add or remove sender profiles involved in the automation for the contacts in that segment.

Important Considerations

Deleting Sender Profiles After Starting Automation:

  • If you delete a Sender Profile after the automation has started, you will have an option to cancel the tasks for this Sender Profile or to continue the tasks but not to assign new tasks to this Sender Profile.

Adding New Sender Profiles During an Active Automation:

  • If the automation is already running, the new Sender Profile will not engage with the contacts that were added to the Automation before the Sender Profile was added, but new Contacts added to the Automation after the Sender Profile was added will be evenly distributed among all Sender Profiles in the Automation.

Distribution of Contacts Among Sender Profiles:

  • Contacts enrolled in the automation are evenly distributed among the sender profiles connected to the chosen segment.

  • If the Contact already had an interaction with some of the Sender Profiles in any of the Automations, in this Automation all the tasks for this Contact will be assigned to the latest contacted Sender Profile.

  • As we develop the feature for ignoring previous interactions with a Contact, you can avoid automatic Contact assignment to the Sender Profile by setting a Sender Profile for specific Contacts through the Mass Actions Panel in the CRM (option 'Sender Profile).

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