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Automation Builder: Node Types - Data
Automation Builder: Node Types - Data
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What are Data Nodes?

Data nodes in automations are designed to manage and update contact details based on the progression of the automation. These updates can include changes in tags, lists, pipeline stages, and the automation in which the contact is placed.

Why Use Data Nodes?

Dynamic Contact Management: Data nodes allow for the dynamic alteration of contact details in response to events within the automation. This feature ensures that contacts are categorized and managed effectively based on their interaction within the automation.

How to Implement Data Nodes:

  1. Adding a Data Node:

    • Select the automation you wish to modify.

    • Click on the plus button at the appropriate point in the automation.

    • In the right-side window, scroll down to find the 'Data' section, where you will see various options.

  2. Types of Data Node Actions:

    • Add/Remove Tag: Apply or remove tags based on specific events, like a contact replying. You can create new tags on the fly if they don't exist in the system.

  • Change List: Alter the list a contact is associated with, similar to tag management. It won't affect the Contact's presence in the Automation even if it was dependable on the list.

  • Change Pipeline Stage: Update the pipeline stage of a contact based on their responses or interactions. Note that manually changing native pipeline stages will disable their automatic update feature.

  • Change Sender Profile: Assign the Sender Profile for execution of all the tasks for that Contact. It will affect the Automation as it's going forward - all the new activities will be executed by the new Sender Profile starting from this node. If you are using multiple Sender Profiles in the Automation and want to reassign Contacts from a particular Sender Profile/s, set up a Condition rules node first, so no other Sender Profiles are affected.

  • Send to Another Automation: Transfer contacts to a different automation based on specific criteria or events. This feature is useful for creating a seamless workflow across multiple stages of engagement.


Upon Sending to Another Automation, the Contact will not be removed from the original Automation, merely copied to another. So make sure that the node 'Send to Another Automation' is the last node for the Contact, after which follows the end node.

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