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Sender Profiles: Custom fields
Sender Profiles: Custom fields
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Data Collection and Custom Fields: collects data from the LinkedIn account linked to a Sender Profile. Additionally, you can enhance your Sender Profile with more information intended for use in messages, filtering, and setting up Condition rules or if/else structures. This is where Custom fields come into play.

What are Custom Fields?

Custom fields are a customization feature for Sender Profiles, allowing you to add up to 5 unique variables. These fields are versatile and need to be filled in manually.

Why Use Custom Fields?

  • Enhanced Personalization: Custom fields information can be utilized in variables and Condition rules, facilitating smooth personalization in your outreach.

Creating Custom Fields:

  1. Setting Up: Create up to 5 Custom fields via 'Sender Profile Custom Fields' in the Settings.

  2. Filling In: After creation, fill in these fields in the Sender Profile page to ensure they're ready for use.

Usage and Guidance

  • Accuracy in Automation: In Automations and Automated messages, variables pull relevant data about your contacts and your sender profile. Ensuring this data is precise and reflective of reality is crucial.

  • Custom fields are instrumental in variables for automation, text templates, and auto-tasks. If you use an unsupported variable (one that doesn't exist), it will be highlighted in red as a visual cue. If a field referenced in a variable is empty, it will result in an empty space in the sent message.

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