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1. Sender Profile: Comprehensive Guide
1. Sender Profile: Comprehensive Guide

What is Sender Profile? How does it work? How to create it and connect to your LinkedIn Account? And simply why

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Now that you went through authorization and creating a Team, it's time to set up your Sender Profile.

What is a Sender Profile? Basically, Sender Profile is a virtual identity that is connected to your LinkedIn account and serves as a go-between and LinkedIn. All the messages or actions are going to be sent or executed by your LinkedIn account through platform.

What you need to set it up:

  • active LinkedIn account and credentials from it

  • access to the email linked to the LinkedIn account

Here's how you create a Sender Profile:

1. Go to the Settings from the side-bar menu

2. Click ‘add new Sender Profile’.

3. Fill in accurate information about the First and the Last name of the LinkedIn Account

4. Click 'Create Sender Profile' and that's it!

Now let’s connect your LinkedIn account!

Make sure to have access to your email account as the code of verification will be sent there.

1. To connect your LinkedIn account after the Sender Profile is all nice and set up, click on the Sender Profile.

2. A page with Sender Profile settings will open. Click on ‘Connect LinkedIn Account’ as shown on screen.

3. Simply fill in your email and password information in the appropriate fields and click ‘Sign in’. It usually takes a couple of minutes at most.

4. Input a verification code sent to your email account to finish the linking process.

From the Sender Profile page you will be able to track the status of your Sender Profile.

All set! Time to save your first contacts!

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