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Cloud Based Automation
Cloud Based Automation
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Updated over a week ago is a cloud-based tool, which means we leverage the power of cloud computing technology to automate tasks and processes, it's hardware-independent from the user perspective.

How Cloud-Based Automation works

  • Server Allocation: Each LinkedIn account operates on a dedicated virtual machine in the cloud.

  • IP Assignment: Every LinkedIn account is assigned a server-type IP, with the option to choose a resident IP or connect your own custom one.

  • Efficient System: This architecture ensures prompt receipt of messages from Contacts, leading to a highly efficient system.

Key Advantages:

  1. Remote Operation: Automation runs continuously in the cloud, eliminating the need to keep your laptop open or constantly check if it's functioning.

  2. Safety and Security: Avoids the use of potentially unsafe extensions for creating Automations.

  3. Confidentiality: Maximizes security by allowing the creation of a unique digital footprint. This includes customizing limits and delays to mimic real user behavior.

  4. Undetectable Automation: GetSales operates on an extended open-source Chrome basis, meaning it uses a browser built on Chrome. The automation interacts with an internal browser API, receiving commands from this API. No public IDs are involved in the automation process, making the tool's use untraceable.

  5. Server Infrastructure: it's supported by us and does't require any effort in monitoring from the user side.

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