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0.0 How to switch to the new version of

What happens to my subscription? To the chat history? My leads?

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Okay, so you decided to get maximum value from GetSales. Where should you start?

How to prep for moving?

Now, we want the experience of switching the platform to be as painless as possible, some manual action from you would be inevitable though. Here are some steps to take before moving out:

  1. Sign up to the new, amazing even. To recover your subscription you will need an existing Team. Follow a quick guide on how to create it here :)

  2. Drop a quick message to our support team through Intercom so we know to switch your subscription to the new version (no additional costs).

  3. Export all the relevant leads in a .csv file to later import to the new version.

  4. Unlink your LinkedIn and Email accounts.

  5. If you have active Flows - stop them. All of your chat history will be pulled to the new platform as well (LinkedIn and Email). But the Flow and the statistics will not be recovered.

What changed?

What weird and wonderful things the GetSales Team came up with for the new platform?

  1. Naming:

    • Sender Profile = Real SDR (all of your outreach channels combined - effectively your virtual double on GetSales)

    • Automation = Flow

    • Contacts = Leads

    • Accounts = Companies

    • CRM - now it includes all the lists, contacts, accounts - everything. A fully-fledged CRM right at your fingertips.

  2. Functionality, but let's break it down a bit:

Team and analytics

  • Transparent metrics and personalisation: Comprehensive dashboard across all of your communication channels and LinkedIn Accounts & the ability to build your own SDR funnel;

  • AI-driven sentiment analysis for the incoming messages;

  • Team-centric: Accounts on GetSales became Teams and you can exist across multiple with different Sender Profiles and Contact databases. The management is super easy - all from a single tab;

  • Agency friendly: designed for leadgen agencies and pro teams - supporting multiple teams and roles.


  • Automatic lead tagging depending on their engagement level

  • Completely revamped the CRM system - both visually and functionally: now it's shared across all of your accounts. Organise and assign your leads to particular Sender Profiles with ease, create tasks and custom pipelines;

  • Lead "killer feature": get the full context about the lead by keeping the history of interactions across all of your Sender Profiles, even if some of the latter are no longer part of your Team;

  • Multiple new Import options - free LinkedIn search included

  • Importing - 10 times faster and safer for all of your accounts;

  • Revamped Chrome Extension with interactive elements in-built into LinkedIn pages

  • Work/personal emails: we finally keep them separately, so now it’s even easier to run email campaigns;

  • Precise filtration: advanced filters to find any lead you need and reengage (e.g. lead that was uploaded 6 months ago, received a connection from X sender profile, but never replied, although read your LI messages 6 times);


  • More flexibility with Automation with updated triggers;

  • Custom variables, if/ then operators - now you can bring up even more personalisation than before;

  • Upgraded Automation: now you can delete “end” nodes, get the Automation change history, use the same Automation for all the accounts from a single tab - no copying involved(!), add manual elements to the Automation to really nail those goals;

  • All-in-one strategic tool: recurring imports, auto rules to get the leads to the Automation, auto change of Sender Profiles, and more;

  • Emails: completely reassembled element with better deliverability;

  • Prefer it manual? We got you! In-built planner to help your LinkedIn activity (Tasks).

Security and personalisation

  • Webhooks: connect any CRM or scrap analytics;

  • Proxy: connect your own proxy or use residential proxies out of the box;

  • New architecture: solved the whole issue with old bugs.


  • ChatGPT to handle all interactions for you (autopilot & half automated options) - coming in November;

  • ChatGPT-driven templates generated specifically upon your request - upcoming.

Coming soon

  • Native integrations: all integrations are being reassembled. The first Integration to be released allegedly in 2023 - HubSpot;

  • IP: use your GetSales IP address while using the new extension.

A lot of info, a lot of excitement! Beautiful. Now it's time to re-setup your workspace! Promise, it's so worth it.

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