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Automation Builder: Node Type - Social Activity
Automation Builder: Node Type - Social Activity
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What are Social Activity Nodes?

Social Activity nodes in automations encompass various LinkedIn activities such as visiting profiles, liking and commenting on the latest posts, and endorsing skills.

Why Use Social Activity Nodes?

  • Comprehensive Outreach: These nodes offer a complete solution for LinkedIn outreach, automating activities that are typically done manually. Social Activity nodes allow you to up the conversions to reply/connection and can be used to build more native/natural follow-ups and automated campaigns in general.

  • Personalization with Automation: Despite being automated, these tasks can still feel personal to the recipient, thanks to the use of variables and condition operators.

Soon we will be releasing an AI assistant for your Outreach, allowing in particular to automatically personalise comments based on the contents of posts. But you won't be surrendering control, there will always be an option to approve the comment before sending it.

How to Implement Social Activity Nodes:

  1. Manual or Automatic Tasks:

    • Choose between creating manual tasks (planned in the internal planner aka TaskHub when lead reaches the node) or automatic tasks (executed automatically as per the automation sequence). For now we recommend in most cases to use autotasks for social activities, but the exception is the commenting.

    • While we are getting ready to release your AI assistant, we recommend setting a Comment task as Manual and really impress your network by custom, thoughtful comments. After you did that on LinkedIn, just go back to the GetSales TaskHub and complete the task manually so the Automation for that Contact can continue.

    • All tasks are performed using the LinkedIn account linked to the automation.

  2. Types of Social Activity Tasks:

    • Visit Profile: Triggers a notification to the contact about your profile visit.

    • Like Latest Post: Automatically likes the latest post of a contact. If no posts are available, this task is skipped.

    • Comment on Latest Post: Utilize variables and templates to craft personalized comments. If no posts are available, this task is skipped.

    • Endorse Skills: Specify the number of skills to endorse. Note that skill endorsement is only possible after connecting with the contact (if this requirement isn't met the task will be skipped). If there are no skills to endorse, this task will be skipped.

  3. Task Limitations and Settings:

    • Be aware that all these tasks are regulated by the limits set in your sender profile settings in So be mindful of the bottleneck that is the number of Connections, and keep tabs on the Social Activities that you set up before connecting with the Contact, as they can unexpectedly hinder your outreach, creating a queue in the Automation.

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