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Automation Builder: Node Types - Messages
Automation Builder: Node Types - Messages
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What are Messages Nodes?

  • Messages nodes in automations enable you to send messages via LinkedIn and email.

Why Use Messages Nodes?

  • Messaging is the main outreach tool

  • Message nodes provide multichannel options by combining email and LinkedIn

  • Message nodes provide analytics on the message success

How to Use Messages Nodes:

1. Creating Messages Nodes:

  • In your automation, click on the plus button to add a node.

  • Select 'Send Message' or 'Send Email' from the list of options.

It's advisable to add these nodes after a connection request node or a connection check trigger, as LinkedIn requires connections for direct messaging.

2. Personalizing Messages:

  • Utilize variables and text templates for personalized outreach.

When using variables

  • check that all the variables are 'blue', signifying they are supported. The unsupported variables will be highlighted in red.

  • if the Contact doesn't have the information that the variable is referencing, it will be left empty. Check that all the information is present by using filters before sending the Contacts to that node, or plan a fallback using condition operators in variables.

  • For LinkedIn messages, there's an option to stop sending if the lead replies, it's enabled by default. If the Contact replies, a manual task for reply will be created.

  • If you prefer to continue the Automation even after the Contact replied, enable the toggle 'Send always even if the lead replied" located under the message box when creating a Send Message node.

  • Attach files to messages or emails by clicking 'Attach' and either uploading a new file or selecting an existing one. The file attachment limit is 20 MB.

  • Choose between creating a manual task for the message (assigned to a team member responsible for the sender profile) or automatic task within the automation structure.

3. Email-Specific Features:

  • Set up email formatting, including links and images.

  • Select the email subject and choose between sending to work or personal email addresses

  • We recommend setting up a condition rule to check if the Contact has an Email before letting them hit the node with sending an Email, if the Contact doesn't have an Email, it will acquire the 'failed' status.

  • Note: The file attachment limit is 20 MB.

Each contact can only have one task at a time in an automation and can be part of multiple automations.

And don't forget to link your Email account before starting the Email Automation.

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