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CRM: Enrichment
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What is Enrichment on GetSales?

Enrichment on GetSales is a feature designed to automate the collection of information about your LinkedIn Contacts. To activate it, you need a LinkedIn ID/URL or Email of your Contacts.

Why Use Enrichment?

Enrichment is crucial for several reasons:

  • Efficiency: It automates the process of gathering prospect information from LinkedIn

  • Customisation: The data collected is used in customisable variables in your outreach messages, ensuring personalised communication at scale.

  • Integration: All collected data is organised in GetSales' CRM system allowing easy access.

How Does Enrichment Work?

  1. Initiation: the enrichment engine visits the LinkedIn Profiles of Contacts you are uploading and scrapes information about from their profiles. The time it takes is proportional to the size of the request. It goes faster if the Contact you are uploading is in our database, which we update every 3 months.

  2. Enrichment of large number of Contacts: For large-scale imports, GetSales distributes the workload across multiple LinkedIn accounts connected to our platform. This ensures efficient data collection without exceeding LinkedIn's activity limits.

  3. CRM Integration: The enriched data is stored in our CRM, where it's used to personalise your outreach messages with relevant details about each prospect.

  4. Importing CSV: If you are importing a CSV file with some of the data already filled in, that data will not be updated with enrichment.

  5. Safety Measures: GetSales carefully monitors your LinkedIn activity limits to ensure the enrichment process does not jeopardize your account's standing on the platform.

  6. Opting Out: Should you choose to discontinue the enrichment service, our support team is ready to assist. However, opting out means stepping away from the shared workload for you.

  7. To see the Contacts who are already enriched, you'll need to simply use the appropriate filter:

    • go to the CRM

    • in the right menu pick 'Activity' filter

    • in the drop-down menu choose 'Lead Enriched' and set the period (this one is optional

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