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Automation: Configuration
Automation: Configuration
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What is the Configuration Option?

The configuration option in allows you to manage key settings of your automations. This includes editing the automation's name, its placement in workspaces (folders), and scheduling details.

Why Configure Your Automations?

  • Timezone Settings: Adjusting timezones ensures your automated activities appear human-like and operate within realistic limits. By aligning with the timezones of your contacts, your messages are more likely to be seen promptly.

  • Scheduling: You can specify on which days and during what times your automation should run, tailoring activity to optimal periods.

  • Organization: In the configuration space, you can also rename your automation for clarity and organize it into different workspaces. For better structure and convenience, this organization can be based on campaign direction, the team member responsible for monitoring, or departmental divisions.

How to Access and Set Up Configuration:

1. Accessing Configuration:

  • Navigate to 'Automations' in

  • Either select to Configure an existing Automation or create a new one. For new automations, the configuration screen appears first.

  • You can also re-configure the Automation from the inside of it, by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2. Naming the Automation: Assign a clear and descriptive name to your automation, particularly if you plan to have multiple automations.

3. Organizing into Workspaces:

  • Place your automation in a specific folder or workspace for better organization.

  • To create a new workspace, go to the main Automations page and click 'Add Workspace' in the top right corner of the left-side menu.

4. Setting Timezones: Choose the appropriate timezone for your automation, which can be searched by country or capital city.

5. Scheduling Automation: Define specific days of the week and timeframes for your automation to run. The schedule will align with the selected timezone.

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