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Automation: Workspaces
Automation: Workspaces
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What are Workspaces?

Workspaces in function similarly to folders, allowing you to neatly organize your automations. You can find them on the Automations page.

Why Use Workspaces?

  • Efficient Organization: Workspaces streamline the organization of your automated tasks, making it easier to manage and delegate responsibilities for different Automations.

How to Manage Workspaces:

Creating a Workspace:

On the Automations page, click 'Add Workspace'. The new workspace will appear in the list on the left side.

Editing and Deleting a Workspace:

  • To edit, hover over the workspace name until three dots appear next to it.

  • Click on these dots to see options for 'Edit' and 'Delete'.

  • Select 'Edit' to change the workspace name. If changes don't appear immediately, refresh the page.

  • To delete a workspace, choose 'Delete' from the same menu.

Important Considerations

  • Deleting Workspaces and Automations:

    • Be aware that deleting a Workspace will also delete all the Automations within it. These Automations will not be displayed as Archived for now, but it won't impact the analytics.

  • Transferring Automations:

    • If you wish to keep the Automations but no longer need the Workspace, you can transfer the Automations to another Workspace. To do this:

      1. Click on the 'Config' button on the Automation within the Workspace.

      2. In the modal window that opens, change the Workspace to the desired one.

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