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Automation: Cloning
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What is Cloning?

Cloning in is a feature that allows you to effortlessly duplicate an existing automation. This option is readily accessible on the main Automations screen, where you'll find a list or cards of your automations.

Why Clone Automations?

The primary purpose of cloning is to streamline the process of setting up new automations. It enables you to retain the structure of an existing automation while allowing for any modifications.

How to Clone an Automation?

1. Accessing Cloning Option:

  • Navigate to the 'Automations' section from the menu.

  • On the main screen, you'll see your automations displayed along with their statistics.

2. Cloning Process:

  • Each automation card has options like 'Edit', 'Configuration', 'Clone', and more.

  • Click on 'Clone' for the automation you wish to duplicate.

  • You will then need to configure your new automation, including its name, workspace, and schedule.

How Cloning Works:

  • Structure and Content Duplication: When you clone an automation, all its structure, texts, and configurations are copied: the number of Segments, message texts, the lineup of tasks etc.

  • Setting Up New Elements: However, Contacts and set up auto filters for adding Contacts, linked sender profiles are not duplicated. These will need to be set up anew for the cloned automation.

When you are Cloning the Automation, don't forget to check the tags, condition rules and send to automation nodes, as well as double-check the messages, so the Automation functions as intended.

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