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Automation: Templates
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What are Automation Templates?

  • Automation templates in are pre-designed structures that simplify the process of building automations. They eliminate the need to create everything from scratch, offering various templates for different purposes like brand awareness, customer interviews, sales, investment, and engagement.

  • Each template comes with a description and a preview, allowing you to assess its relevance before use.

Coming soon

  • functionality for saving your own Automations as Templates

  • lead generation agencies Templates

Why Use Automation Templates?

  • Automation templates are designed to ease the process of building your Automations by providing the general guidance for structure. This way you can learn from scratch how to use the tool and avoid any mistakes.

How to Use Automation Templates:

1. Finding Templates:

  • Templates are located in the automation section of the platform. Above the list of automations, you'll find cards representing popular templates.

2. Understanding Template Names:

  • The names of the templates are self-explanatory, like 'Grow Your Network' or 'Attract Leads', to help you quickly find what you need.

  • If the popular options don't suit you, click on any card or 'More Templates'. A modal window will display all available templates.

3. Interactive Preview:

  • The preview of each template is interactive. You can scroll, zoom in and out, and explore the text and overall structure.

4. Using a Template:

  • Select the template that best fits your needs. Click 'Use Template' above the preview.

  • A modal window with configuration settings will open, where you can set the automation's name, workspace, and schedule.

Important Considerations

  • Customization of Texts: The texts in the templates are presets and should be customized before launching the automation. The focus of these templates is on the structure rather than the content.

  • Ongoing Updates: We are continuously updating and enhancing our templates to incorporate new feat

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