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Automation: Archive
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What is Automation Archive?

The Automation Archive in serves as an alternative to deleting automations, as there is no option to permanently delete them from the system because it might influence the analytics.

Why Archive Automations?

  • Preservation of Work: Archiving allows you to keep the structure and content of your old automations without cluttering the main space where active automations are displayed.

  • Access to Past Performance: It enables you to preserve and access the historical data and performance metrics of your past automations.

How to Use the Automation Archive:

1. Accessing the Archive:

  • Navigate to the 'Automations' section on the platform.

  • Click on 'Archive' at the top of the screen to view archived automations.

2. Archiving an Automation:

  • On the main automation page, select the automation you wish to archive.

  • Click on 'More' to view additional options and then select 'Archive'.

  • Note: Archiving an automation will cancel all its active tasks, but the statistics and data will be preserved.

3. Viewing Archived Automation Statistics:

  • Access statistics from the archive page or the dashboard by selecting the archived automation.

  • Get detailed statistics for the archived Automation by opening it and navigating to the relevant nodes - or use preview Analytics.

4. Managing Archived Automations:

  • You have the option to unarchive an automation if needed.

  • Alternatively, you can clone the structure of an archived automation to create a new one in your active automations list.

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