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Manual Tasks
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What are Manual Tasks?

Manual tasks in are a dedicated section for managing scheduled tasks that require manual action. This feature allows for direct, hands-on control of various tasks. They can be created manually or be part of an Automation.

Why Use Manual Tasks?

  1. Outreach CRM: Designed for managing planned activities like follow-ups, ensuring structured and transparent workflows. TaskHub is the central tool for SDRs, facilitating efficient task management.

  2. Automation Responses:

    • Reply-Triggered Pause: Automation pauses when a contact replies, creating a manual task for the SDR to respond. That task can be found in the TaskHub or the Contact's Profile.

    • Action Options: SDRs can continue or cancel the paused automation for a contact through TaskHub or the contact's profile.

    • Connection Loss: If an auto task is interrupted due to connection loss, it automatically converts to a manual task.

  3. Manual Tasks in Automation: Manual tasks are integrated into automations for specific scenarios, requiring SDR intervention. When contacts hit a manual task node, the task is created. The automation resumes once the task is completed.

How to Create and Manage Manual Tasks:

1. Task Management:

  • TaskHub: All tasks are displayed in the task section of the GetSales platform, facilitating easy filtering, completion, and tracking.

  • Contact's Profile in the CRM: All scheduled tasks for the Contact will be displayed there with an option to cancel or complete them.

  • Filtering Options: Tasks can be filtered by time, status, assignee, sender profile, and related information.

  • Mass Actions: The main screen in the manual tasks section allows for bulk actions like changing the owner or assignee, canceling, or completing tasks.


  • Note that when Manual tasks related to an automation are converted to Auto, they will not be displayed in the list of completed tasks as they were related to the automation.

  • If you complete a task, it won't be displayed in the task list anymore. You will have to filter the tasks by status 'Completed'.

  • Upon completing a task, the Contact's activity log (accessible through the Contact's Profile) will be updated to include manual execution of the task.

2. Task Overview:

  • Accessing Task Details: Click on a task to open its window, which displays the contact's profile and a side panel for task management.

  • Task Options: you can add a note to the task, reschedule it, change the owner (Team member), mark as completed, convert to auto, or cancel the task.

  • If you have your Sender Profile connected you'll be able to execute task for sending a message or an email directly through the messenger.

  • Direct Action Execution: Run tasks: you can start manual execution of task one by clicking on 'Run tasks'

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