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Team Settings: Contacts - Native Pipeline Stages
Team Settings: Contacts - Native Pipeline Stages
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On GetSales we have Contact and Account Pipeline stages. In this Article we are talking only about the Contact Pipeline Stages.

What are Native Pipeline Stages

Native Pipeline stages are an Automatic tagging tool for your Contacts. We also have Custom Pipeline Stages, they are manual.

Why use Native Pipeline Stages

The Native Pipeline Stages are created for ease of monitoring and prioritising your outreach efforts through Contact segmentation. For example, processing first those Contacts who fall under 'Replied - Positive' and then everyone else.

How do Native Pipeline Stages work?

We use semantic, sentiment analysis of messages and system events analysis to determine at what Stage your Contact is on.

If you import a Contact to GetSales, with whom you engaged before, we will register it as such and set the appropriate Pipeline Stage.

We have the following Pipeline stages:

  • New: for Contacts with no history of Activity: those who you haven't engaged with neither through nor through LinkedIn/Email directly

  • Approaching: for those Contacts to whom you sent an Email or a Connection Request but didn't get any reaction

  • Engaging: for those who accepted a connection request or opened an email

  • Replied: for those Contacts who replied to your message with neutral attitude (LinkedIn or Email)

  • Replied - Positive: for those Contacts who replied to your message with positive attitude (LinkedIn or Email)

  • Replied - Negative: or those Contacts who replied to your message with negative attitude (LinkedIn or Email)

You'll also see some Custom (manual) stages when you start. We put these there to help you get started. You can change or remove them by clicking the three dots next to the Custom Pipeline Stage.


If you changed the Pipeline Stage manually, Automatic (Native) Pipeline Stages would stop changing automatically.

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