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Team Settings: Contacts - Custom Pipeline Stages
Team Settings: Contacts - Custom Pipeline Stages
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On GetSales we have Contact and Account Pipeline stages, they are not connected. If you change or delete a Contact Pipeline Stage, Account Pipeline Stage won't be affected. Similarly, Contact's Pipeline Stage won't be the same as the company's they work in.

In this Article we are talking only about the Contact Pipeline Stages.


Pipeline stages are a basic CRM functionality, high-level tags for segmenting your Contacts in. We have Custom and Native (and Automatic) Pipeline stages. Custom Pipeline Stages we are talking about are Manual.


With Custom Pipeline Stages you can create your own way of segmenting Contacts by relevant parameters to prioritise your outreach activities.


You create a Custom Pipeline stage from the Settings menu and assign it manually to your Contacts through either Contact Profile, Automation or Mass Actions menu.

Pre-created Custom Pipeline Stages

You can see that there're pre-created Pipeline Stages that are marked as 'Custom' (Opportunity, Bad Timing, Unresponsive, Not Interested, Do Not Contact, Bad Data). That's because upon registration we are creating for you a preset of popular Stages in outreach.

Managing Pipeline Stages

You can delete or edit Custom Pipeline Stages by clicking on the three dots on the right of a particular Pipeline Stage row in Settings. Keep in mind that if Contacts had the deleted Pipeline Stage, with the deletion of it, they will lose all information about the Pipeline Stage they are on, this value will be empty until you assign a new Pipeline Stage. You can still find those Contacts in the CRM.

The four lines on the left of a Custom Pipeline Stage let you drag and drop the Stages to change the order of them in the CRM. It affects only the visual part.

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