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FAQ: Automation isn't working
FAQ: Automation isn't working
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Common reasons for not seeing progress in the Automation (aka 0% progress or progress getting stuck)

1. Timezone: if you don't see the progress of the Automation immediately after the activating it, check that the schedule is correct and on the day and time of activation the Automation is supposed to be working. For that click on the configuration icon. You can tweak the schedule and the tasks will be rescheduled in real time.

2. Contacts are in the enrichment stage: the Automation might not be progressing because the Contacts information is still being enriched. You can check for it in the Segment node under the stat "Waiting Enrichment". Once enrichment is complete, they will move to "in progress," and automation will start.

3. Contacts haven't been added: Check that you added Contacts into the Segment node in the Automation (it's the first node). And, of course, before adding them, you'll have to import them to the platform. You can add Contacts to the Automatisation in two ways:

  • from the inside of the Automation: click on the Segment node, then in the sliding window clicking on "Add filter". After that you'll just have to select the Contacts you want to add.

  • through CRM - contacts: select a list or apply the necessary filters - choose the assigned leads - automation - send to automation.

4. Automation wasn't launched: Check that the Automation was activated - either from the Automation builder or the Automation workspace.

5. No Contacts completed the Automation and the progress bar shows 0%. That percentage shows how many Contacts went through the whole Automation and completed it (or failed and will not progress further through the Automation)

6. Multiple automations are running simultaneously and consuming all limits: Check that you don't have any other Automations running with the Sender Profiles needed for the new Automation. If there are any, pause the Automation with less priority, and then reset the daily quota for the Sender Profile/s from the Sender Profile page, if needed.

7. Sender Profile isn't connected: check that your Sender Profile/s are connected and there are no issues with it/them.

8. You might've hit the limit for Connections with notes

9. You might've hit the limit for daily activity. Check on the Task Limits page that you haven't

10. Check that your Contacts didn't get stuck on the delay nodes by navigating to the delay node in the Automation builder

11. Social activity nodes can be a bottleneck - check that your Contacts didn't get stuck on those by navigating to them in the Automation builder

12. Email problem - check that your Email account is connected. You can do it from the Sender Profile page

13. Check if you set up the Automation with the Automation builder. If you scheduled tasks from the CRM, you will be able to track their execution only from the Contact's profile or from the Auto Task tab in the Sender Profile settings

14. Sender Profile limits are too low. Check if the Automation is not progressing at all, and not just progressing slowly. You can use the Dashboard for it, but also the Sender Profile limits statistics

We are currently working on functionality to manually distribute limits between Automations, so you can track how many tasks that are under limits were completed by that Sender Profile/s and allocate your resources.

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