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Automation: Fallback feature
Automation: Fallback feature
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What is the Fallback Feature?

The Fallback feature is a part of Automation that automatically sends a connection request without a message if you reach the limit for personalized connection requests.

How to Activate the Fallback Feature?

When adding a 'Connection Request' node in your Automation, you can activate this feature.

Look for the toggle option labeled 'Make a connection without a message if the limit of personalized connections is reached.' This toggle is located under the message field.

Why Use the Fallback Feature?

  • LinkedIn's Personalized Connection Limit:

    • When you add a personalized message to a connection request in your Automation, it's important to be aware of LinkedIn's recent changes. Some free LinkedIn users, as part of a UA test, are now limited to 10 personalized connection requests per month.

    • If you are affected by this test, after sending 10 personalized requests, any subsequent requests would be held on this node for 12 hours before trying again. You can activate the Fallback feature or simply delete the Connection Message so they may continue.

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