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0.2. Initial setup

Signing up and creating a team aka first steps

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To sign up on our platform you need two things: your work email account and a password. No unwieldy forms to fill, no credit card necessary to start a free trial and really get a feel for good automation practices!

After signing up, you can change your profile information, email and password in the Profile Details and manage your subscription settings in the Billing and Subscriptions.

The first page you hop onto is the Team Management page. It’s fairly empty on the first stage - to get to the core functionality you need to Create a Team.

Click on ‘Create Team” and set a name for it. No worries, you can always change it later!

You can also pick a color for a team and invite other Team members to have access to it - simply by typing in their emails.

Click create and that’s it!


Now you can open the Workspace associated with the Team and really get started!

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