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Custom Tracking Domain
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Custom tracking domain (CTD or CNMAE) - is one of four major elements (technical records) to be applied to your mailbox DNS needed for advanced email deliverability and email tracking.

Temporarily a CTD setup works through an A-record, instead of CNAME record. Shortly it would be changed back to CNAME.


Utilising CTD is the only way to track emails open rates/ clicks and use unsubscribe feature safely.


There are 2 parts:

  1. Create an A record for your mailbox domain. Only an admin of your mailbox domain can do this. Here is an example of the record you should make for CloudFlare DNS.

    Type - A;
    Name - trail;
    IPv4 -
    ​!Proxy - make sure it's turned on!

    !Important! Temporarily a CTD setup and open rates tracking is available for CloudFlare DNS only. It means you'd have to transfer your domain to CloudFlare. It takes five minutes and don't have any collateral consequences. We've prepared an article with an example of GoDaddy DNS migration. Migration from any other provider would be similar.

2.Once it's done you can attach your CTD to GetSales.

Fill in your domain and click check. Your domain would be trail(name).mailbox domain
In our case that would be

If it doesn't work - you've probably made a mistake or A record is not applied yet. Try again later or contact our support to help you.

Once you've attached the CTD GetSales would be tracking emails analytics automatically. You'd be able to check the data on the dashboards, inside of the flow or in the CRM section (use activitis/ markers filters).Temporarily it's not possible to deactivate tracking for custom sequences/ leads (you'd have to remove CTD in that case).
At this moment CTD should be set up for each of the sender profiles (and there is no way to apply it to the whole team with the same mailbox domain). Yet you should not create A record for each of the mailboxes with the same domain again. You can use the same domain to set it up for the rest of the sender profiles manually.

Unsubscribe - how-to

To use unsubscribe feature you'd have to set up CTD first. Once it's done you'd have to add Unsubscribe elements to your emails (to the nodes in the automation, to the templates, to the manual email tasks).

Make a link out of text you want to use as an unsubscribe using the variable {{ sender_unsubscribe_link }} as a link.

The unsubscribe features support quick unsubscribe option. If the lead clicks the link they would see the following window. Lead would get an unsubscribe status (would be failing automatically all further email sequences)

The article would be updated shortly.

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